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Telos Blockchain: Why It Appears to be Undervalued

By May 20, 2021 No Comments

In the blockchain space, we often hear about Ethereum, Polkadot, Tezos, ADA protocols. However, we have heard very little about a revolutionary and quite a disruptive blockchain network called Telos blockchain. Why does it appear that this blockchain network seems to be undervalued even though it has so much to offer?

In this article, we have explored some of the reasons why Telos network appears to be undervalued. Before we go ahead, let us take a look at what Telos protocol is all about.

What is Telos Blockchain

Telos blockchain is a smart contract blockchain protocol that runs on EOSIO software. It is a mass adoption open finance network supported by a community of trailblazers. As a protocol built to enhance transaction speed and scalability, Telos seems suited for mainstream adoption.

Telos supported tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts deployed on DeFi, social media, and gaming applications. Since its development in 2018, there are over 100 projects that are already building on the Telos blockchain protocol.

The blockchain network is on course to combining two leading protocol technologies in the blockchain space. It seeks to become the first compatible blockchain protocol to have both solidity-based Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contract and eosio c++ smart contract. Such combination opens TELOS up to the largest community of developers on the internet.

How come Telos has all these features, and yet the price is not up there among the best coins? This is certainly a million-dollar question, and we will do our best to make you understand the reason for such an outcome. Before we go down this lane, let us compare the Telos protocol with some of the notable blockchain networks.

Why Telos Blockchain is Undervalued

From the table of comparison above, it is obvious that the Telos network is miles ahead of other notable blockchains in many areas. There are very few blockchain networks that can match the capabilities of Telos in terms of speed and scalability. As at the time of this writing, the TLOS token is valued at $0.17, with a market cap of only 46 million compared to the tokens of other “lesser” blockchain networks which have market caps in the tens of billions.

ETH, the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, hit an all-time high a few days ago, to put it in perspective. From our comparison table, it is clear that the Telos network is miles ahead of its Ethereum counterpart. The same also goes for Polkadot, whose native token (DOT) has hit double digits this year in the crypto market. It is only a matter of time before people come to see the value in Telos blockchain. Another major reason why Telos is greatly undervalued is the inability of the team to get it listed on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. It is not enough to have an amazing project, you also need a professional PR team to market it for you.

Key Advantages of Telos Network

The network has some advantages peculiar to developers, holders, and block producers. Developers will enjoy proprietary dApps, lower cost of dApp development, enhanced security, etc. Token holders will enjoy higher equity per token, lower inflation, pre-activation resolution of lost tokens, etc. Block producers will enjoy an equitable payout model, regular for maintaining the node, equitable voting, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Although Telos blockchain is greatly undervalued, traders and investors should do due diligence before investing their money. The crypto market is so volatile, and that means it is also highly unpredictable.