123SWAP – Platform Key Differentiators

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123swap is a peer-to-peer atomic cross-network crypto-asset swapping protocol that eliminates the need to trust a custodian or counterparty. 123swap is a prominent crypto swap protocol for the Smart Economy that allows users to swap, hold, send, receive, earn, and invest their preferred assets across many chains.

The platform enables non-custodial services with the highest levels of security, simplicity, and convenience. Customers can surf through it.

The platform enables non-custodial services with the highest levels of security, simplicity, and convenience. It allows users to see all of the swap offers gathered from major crypto exchanges in one convenient location.

The platform aspires to build a strong-handed community. Members of the community will make critical decisions such as whether team tokens or advisory tokens should be used, lock duration, and so on, using a proper voting system.

Following are the key features/functions of the 123swap platform that distinguish it from the others and make it one of a kind:

Visualize the Swap in a Different Light

  • In real-time, you may see the total number of transactions. The user will be able to make a better judgment if all of the metrics used to compute the swap are displayed.

Automated trades

  • Limit orders, stoplimit orders, and a variety of other automatic options are available, similar to uniswap or pancake swap.

Inexpensive Swap Platform

  • Uniswap-style swapping platform with 25% reduced fees than uniswap. It will compensate 25% of costs by airdropping the 123swap token, which will provide considerably more earning opportunities.

Possibilities for Arbitrage

  • 123swap is continually looking for the best market rates to swap and allow traders to engage in arbitrage.

123swap Token Value Capture

  • Through a burn mechanism, 75% of transaction fees are refunded to 123swap token holders. The remaining 25% goes to a community development fund managed by token holders.

Save money on gas.

  • Automated mirror pools combine funds into a single transaction, saving consumers money on gas.

Cross Chain 

  • Traders can choose from one of the 500+ cross-chain liquidity pools (including Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and others).

Access to Multiple Trading Pairs

  • The 123swap platform allows users/traders to discover any trading pair they require.

Leading Protocols & Platforms

  • 123swap will bring together premier protocols and platforms to enable honest farmers to take full advantage of decentralized financing.

Community Governed

  • Full platform control by the community of strong-willed holders.

123swap DEX Liquidity Oracle (DLO) 

  • A platform that solves liquidity inefficiency. 

Large Order Fulfillment

  • Trade significant amounts of assets strategically on 123swap without the dangers, allowing traders to keep token prices stable without the fear of the market tanking.

123token Governance

  • There are no pre-mined tokens for project owners, team members, or others. Following the public sale, the community will decide whether or not there will be any of that, and if so, what limits will apply.

123swap solves problems, the manual swap process is inefficient and time-consuming. Using smart contracts, the platform will automate and speed up the switch process.

It will combine smart and autonomous finance management in one place thanks to its cross-chain smart contracts. Using smart contracts, the platform will support decentralized finance management.

123swap has developed technology that will assist the platform to outperform the competition, become faster, and become the finest swap platform in the world.

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