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Yee project purpose and description

Yee clarity of purpose

Yee purpose and aspects

Yee team are striving to construct a YeeChain system supporting fast transaction and high-efficiency storage on the basis of current blockchain technology, and on top of YeeChain, they are updating YeeNet to be a decentralized distributed cloud communication network supporting peer-to-peer, groups, live broadcasting and Internet of Things(IoT). In the beginning stage, Yee will be operated on a public Ethereum network. Yee team will define the whole set of frameworks including YeeChain, YeeNet, YeeCall/YeeWallet/YeeStore and the ecosystems built on it as Yee. Yee will be a blockchain-based cloud communications infrastructure and decentralized social ecosystem.

Short description

Yee - A Blockchain-powered & Cloud-based Social Ecosystem


The current decentralization movement is ambitious and will provide great opportunities for new social and economic interactions. The rapid development of blockchain technology, initially used for cryptocurrencies, is expanding to various applications and is expected to revolutionize the Internet world. However, for industrialscale application, current and recent blockchain architectures alone does not yet have a solid technical and ecological foundation to meet the demands of massive content delivery and fast transaction capability to provide the superior user experience. Now it is the time to build such an industrial-scale platform. Having established a large-scale centralized cloud communication & social platform, Yee plans to smoothly migrate to a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem while improving the user experience. We will build a new generation of blockchain architecture that provides the underlying platform for related DApps and evolving ecosystem.

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