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XMax project purpose and description

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XMax is a blockchain and developer ecosystem for building decentralized games and entertainment DAPPs. Our blockchain supports game developers with a high TPS mainchain and integrated sidechains for transaction-intensive DAPPs.


Blockchain technology is in a start-up stage where developers and enterprises face many challenges in creating decentralized applications (DAPPs). These challenges include the difficulty of learning blockchain programming logic and the technical limitations of current blockchains. XMax is an all-in-one development ecosystem which makes it easier for entertainment industry developers to create DAPPs. We believe in the future of blockchain technology and know that by providing developers with a set of easy to use tools and the knowledge to use them we can share blockchain applications with a global user base. XMax is an all-in-one blockchain development ecosystem for entertainment DAPPs which includes:High TPS Mainchain (DPOS) + Functional Sidechain Structure, Easy to use SDK for Digital Media, Games and DAPPs, User account system with support for native languages, MediaLab and Blockchain Plugin Manager, XMax Studio 3D Game Engine with Integrated Tools, Advanced Asset Tokens and Smart Contract Templates, XMax Studio IDE with WebX.JS (supports programming in a JavaScript-based language), Cross-chain integration with 3rd Party Blockchains and Online Services, Currency and Asset Tokens,Token Creation, XMax Wallet integration, windows, macOS and Ubuntu compatible mining nodes, Performance Optimizations, support WASM,LLVM,EVM and multiple types of virtual machines and open-source systems, Education Focused – Developer documentation and community education are XMax priorities.

Link to Roadmap: https://www.xmx.com/
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