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Wings Wings
3.2/5 WINGS
$0.4361 MC  $ 39.12 MM

Wings project purpose and description

Wings clarity of purpose

Wings additional differentiation against competition

Build decentralized organisations, automatic accounting, Vote every decision, democratic organistations, assign roles, by lawsSupports both Ethereum and Rootstock smart contracts, Instant Messaging Bots can be used for better DAO control; communications and management, Legal framework, Setting up a DAO proposal with no prior knowledge of smart contracts and blockchain., raise capital, own and transfer shares

Short description

WINGS is a decentralized platform enabling individuals and organizations to submit new proposals to the WINGS DAO community in order for the latter to discuss, review and forecast on the proposal’s success factors. Forecasting eliminates inappropriate projects and focuses potential future backers’ attention on proposals with the highest potential.


WINGS is a blockchain platform that seeds and nurtures a community dedicated to the launching, backing and promotion of new projects proposals through a fluid organizational model referred to as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAOs implement self-determining and independent organizational governance, management and operations using immutable blockchains and smart contracts execution. WINGS combines several concepts, ranging from attention rewards, forecasting markets, smart contracts, governance models and federated funds security. The platform places an emphasis on encouraging the WINGS community to identify and promote high-value proposals that have higher chances of positive financial returns. WINGS creates a decentralized forecasting ecosystem that gives tangible incentives for WINGS token holders to put the effort in making the best available choices to maximize their rewards.

Link to Roadmap: https://blog.wings.ai/wings-roadmap-update-a2638904fe3c
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