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VIBE project purpose and description

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VIBE purpose and aspects

VIBEHub offers a VR/AR marketplace where all kinds of events (live concerts, seminars, etc.), dating etc. can occur on its platform using its smart contract ability. An important feature of this is that it eases the process of revenue generation for content creators.

Short description

VIBEHub unites Virtual/Augmented Reality with blockchain technology. It is an Ethereum-based Virtual reality platform which incorporates several marketplaces and hubs. The VIBE token will serve as the common currency on all the platform's marketplaces.


VibeHub is a technology for creating virtual reality marketplaces and hubs where users can buy and sell experiences that would never be possible with traditional technology. A virtual seat at a live concert where you feel like you’re actually there and a virtual meet- and -greet with your favorite artist who lives 2000 miles away from you. Lessons in boxing, guitar and yoga are brief examples where the instructor is life-sized and sitting in front of you, instead of being trapped on a tiny computer screen. All transactions on these hubs will use our Vibe token, a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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