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Vertcoin VTC

  • Digital currency
$3.86 Price
-8.83% % 24h
-1.93% % 1h
$158,867,336 Mkt. Cap
$12,859,800 Vol. 24h
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Vertcoin project purpose and description

Short description

Vertcoin is a cryptographic currency, similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, with one major difference. As the forerunner of the digital currency movement, the original Bitcoin developers were unable to perceive all potential threats that would arise to challenge it's mission as a decentralized currency.


Scrypt was utilized by Litecoin to try and deter ASIC use because large memory requirements are the best way to try and make ASIC financially unfeasible. Litecoin held out for a while, but the original memory requirements in the barebone litecoin distribution were just not high enough to lock out ASIC completely. Vertcoin has now been released as the logical evolution of Litecoin and introduces what’s known as ”Adaptive N-Factor”. The N-factor component of Scrypt determines how much memory is required to compute the hashing functions. Vertcoin N–factor increases with time to stay one step ahead of any possible ASIC development.

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