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Veritaseum project purpose and description

Veritaseum purpose and aspects

Unclear project or product status

Short description

it enables software-driven P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges


With custom, high-end consultation obtained through a relatively small (~$2,250,000) acquisition of Veritas (our commoditized, tradeable intellectual capital), Veritaseum Digital Swaps can allow Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley to maintain thier share buyback/dividend aspirations and still pass the Federal Reserves stress test requirements.We have finally issued our own tradeable digital asset. It is much, much different from anything currently available on the market, and arguably materially more valuable. For those not familiar with our new offering, please see Veritas Pre-sale: Intellectual Capital Abstracted Into a Blockchain Tradeable Asset With True Intrinsic Value.

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