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Market Cap $ 27.719 MM (#165)
24h Volume $ 1.797 MM
Chg. 24h: 3.99%
Algo. score 3.4/5  (#211)
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TomoChain (TOMO) Partners with Portal Network to Establish the TomoChain Name Service

Tomochain (TOMO), a blockchain application ecosystem that is working on the Ethereum codebase to create a system of masternodes, has announced a partnership with Portal Network in an effort to establish a blockchain name service standard (BNS) on top of TomoChain known as the ‘TomoChain Name Service’ (TNS). Once this is complete, users will be able to bind their wallets and DApps with the simple name that they choose, helping to cut down on human errors that occur while making transactions and exchanging messages. (JF)

9 days ago

TomoChain to Deliver Blockchain Infra to Travel Startup Triip; TOMO Soars Nearly 30%

TomoChain (TOMO), which boasts a market cap of $22.3 million, has added nearly 30% to its value in the last 24 hours on trading volume of almost $1 million. TomoChain announced on Twitter a strengthened partnership with Triip in which TomoChain will deliver the “blockchain infrastructure with minimal fees” to the travel network. The protocol will be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and is expected to bolster the number of Triip customers. TomoChain CEO Long Vuong said in a blog post: "The blockchain world needs more real use cases like Triip Protocol to build up the trust in this technology and enhance the quality of our life." (GT)

17 days ago

Asset Management Firm HyperChain Capital Announces Staking Service

One of the oldest Digital Asset Management firms, HyperChain Capital has announced ByperBlocks Pro, a proof-of-stake service. Users will be able to securely stake their cryptocurrencies that deploy PoS algorithms. Initially, the service it is launching with support for users holding tezzies (XZT) tokens for the Tezos network. After Tezos, HyperChain has plans to expand their staking service to Atom and TomoChain by Q4 of 2018. (VS)

a month ago

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