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Blockchain as a global platform for verifying any data, file or process. Anchor a permanent timestamp proof of your data in the blockchain. Issue digital receipts, create audit trail, capture data from connected devices, immutable records and secure customer data.

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The blockchain is becoming the new standard for trust and verification of data. Tierion turns the blockchain into a global platform for verifying any data, file, or process. Use Tierion’s API and tools to anchor a permanent, timestamp proof of your data in the blockchain.


Businesses safeguard and notarize important documents such as property titles and contracts to ensure anyone can prove their veracity. Surprisingly, there isn’t a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data. Much of the world’s important information is stored digitally and is susceptible to modification by system administrators or hackers. When data is sent over the Internet, the recipient often can’t verify when the data was created or if it has been modified from its original state. Problems with data integrity and digital record-keeping are particularly severe in regulated industries such as healthcare, insurance, and financial services where data corruption or tampering has significant legal and reputational consequences. Tierion is building a universal platform for data verification. Tierion works by creating a proof that links data to a transaction on a blockchain. This is called anchoring. Anyone with this proof can verify the data’s integrity and timestamp without relying on a trusted authority. Tierion launched in 2015 and has become the most widely used platform for anchoring data to the blockchain. Tierion’s key innovation was making it simple to anchor a virtually unlimited amount of data to a single blockchain transaction. Tierion’s launch also marked the introduction of the Chainpoint protocol, the first standard proof format for anchoring data to a blockchain.

Link to Roadmap: https://tokensale.tierion.com/TierionTokenSaleWhitePaper.pdf
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