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Tao project purpose and description

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One of the key problems Tao aims at solving is the copyright issue in the music industry by encrypting master records and decrypting each sold copy of a song (digital/physical) only when payment has been aonfirmed and remitted to the smart contract.

Short description

Tao presents real solutions for real problems in the music industry using blockchain technology.


In 2009, the enigmatic persona “Satoshi Nakamoto” launched Bitcoin: a public currency network built on what was to be known as “blockchain technology.” Blockchain technology has unleashed such a wave of potential economic freedom and accountability that it has become one of the most transformative technologies since the internet, itself. Six years later there exists an entire universe of blockchain-based applications, from currencies to smart contract platforms, unleashing the spending power of the sovereign individual without the concern for any geographic economic disincentive on a global scale. Allowing for true borderless currencies and settlements over the Internet, blockchain technology has unleashed the imagination of technophiles, libertarians, academics, politicians, and financial professionals. Many innovations in privacy, smart contracts, and decentralized commerce have been developed, but there has been no cohesive manifestation of all of the best that modern blockchain technology has to offer. The Tao (pronounced “dow”) blockchain network represents the pinnacle of the evolution of blockchain technology, harmonizing these leading edge technologies into a network with unrivaled potential. Throughout the entire 20th and early 21st centuries, technological advancement has come at the cost of security, safety and privacy but the open source software development community has decided upon a different fate. It is the purpose of this project to leverage the latest in cryptographic technology towards the protection of consumer privacy which, when coupled with blockchain settlements, unleashes an unprecedented ability for the average, sovereign individual to fully exercise their freedom of expression regardless of their nationality or geographic location. The Tao Project is a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) which has been created by a community of individuals passionate about blockchain technology with the goal of providing a solid, stable platform for the development of decentralized applications (DApps) and services. These DApps are to be created with the singular purpose of demonstrating the power of blockchain based smart contracts to increase economic freedom without sacrificing privacy and security. This project marks the start of the next generation of blockchain platforms which take the technology out of the experimental phase and safely into practical application.

Link to Roadmap: https://tao.network/XTORoadmapv0.3.pdf
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