Stratis STRAT

Centralized > Hierarchical org. structure
  • Enterprise
  • Build dapps
  • Platform
28 Rank
$14.73 Price
-4.21% % 24h
-3.52% % 1h
$1,454,339,189 Mkt. Cap
$39,250,900 Vol. 24h
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Stratis Charts - Price, Market Cap and Volume

Date range:    
Created with Highstock 5.0.14PriceMkt. CapTotal Market% of Total MarketVolumeCirc. Supply14. Jan16. Jan18. Jan$8$16$24$32800 M1.6B2.4B3.2B400B600B800B1000B0.24%0.28%0.32%0.36%0500 M1B98.6975 M98.7025 M98.7075 M
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