Spectrecoin XSPEC

Market Cap $ 3.688 MM (#495)
24h Volume $ 3.247 K
Chg. 24h: -0.11%
Algo. score 2.9/5  (#697)
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Spectrecoin project purpose and description

Spectrecoin clarity of purpose

Spectrecoin purpose and aspects

Spectrecoin provides a secure, decentralised, low cost and private option to send funds to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Spectrecoin additional differentiation against competition

It offers fee-less transactions

Spectrecoin categories

PrivacyDigital currencyAnonymityMicro payments

Short description

Spectrecoin (XSPEC) is an innovative privacy focused cryptocurrency, featuring an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm that provides rapid transaction confirmations, ring signatures for privacy and anonymity, and a fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer for IP obfuscation within the wallet. Spectrecoin is actively developed, with an ambitious roadmap that prioritises privacy, security, and true decentralisation with features such as default stealth addresses and stealth staking, and low-power mobile wallet staking in our upcoming Android wallet.


XSPEC is an anonymous, untraceable and un-linkeable, energy efficient, Proof-of-Stake v3 cryptocurrency with an advanced hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet). The whole network is also running under Tor and our software has Tor integrated so you don’t need to worry about whether you are protected or not.

Link to Roadmap: https://spectreproject.io/roadmap/index.html
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