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Six Domain Chain project purpose and description

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Six Domain Chain purpose and aspects

Six Domain Chain Platform is the world's first decentralised public blockchain ecosystem for data exchange that integrates international standards of IoT Six Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain (SDChain Platform), which would operate on its own native blockchain (SDChain). The design of SD Chain gives full consideration to IoT characteristics and requirements of business ecosystem construction. In specific fields like issuance of digital assets, management of users’ credits and identities, P2P communication, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, smart contracts,cross-chain smart contract model, market consensus incentives, decentralised DApp (DistributedApplications) and fast access to new businesses, SDChain optimises current blockchain infrastructure in depth.

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IoT “Six-DomainModel” reference architecture systematically sorts out correlational factors of complex IoT applications, makes analysis from different angles, and sets up major rules regarding different business functions. Specifically, it sets up rules for six main areas as follows: IoT User Domain (definition of user and demand), Target Domain (ensuring the correlation with “objects”), Sensing Control Domain (setting up schemes for sensing and control, namely correlation between different “objects”), Service Domain (processingoriginalandsemi-original data for corresponding users), Operation and Governance Domain (managing security, reliability, stability and precision from both technical level and system level), and Resources Exchange Domain (establishing a closed loop IoT business model by achieving sharing and exchange between single IoT application system and external system of information and resources from the market). Furthermore, these domains will be connected to one another by the business logic of this network, therefore forming an individual IoT industrial ecosystem. A single industrial IoT ecosystem can then form a new collaborative system with other industries by their respective domains of resources exchanged.

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Short description

SixDomainChain (SDChain) is the world's first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain.


Fully considering the technical characteristics of IoT and the development needs of business ecosystem, SDChain is optimized based on existing blockchain technology with digital asset issuance, user credit and identity management, P2P communication, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, smart contract, cross-chain contract mode, market consensus-based incentives, decentralized DApp and rapid access to business. Such features ensure beneficial, rapid and sustainable development of SDChain business ecosystem to achieve mutual benefits among digital assets, blockchain and industrial IoT through efficient circulation and value transformation of digital asset credits, within a global framework of ISO/IEC standards.

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