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Market Cap $ 3.822 MM (#454)
24h Volume $ 290.476 K
Chg. 24h: -3.11%
Algo. score 4.0/5  (#48)
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Six Domain Chain News

eosDAC is proud to be a block producer on @Worbli network an...

eosDAC is proud to be a block producer on @Worbli network and if you'd like to get stuck into building dApps on WOR…

5 days ago

eosDAC is currently #3 on ...

eosDAC is currently #3 on Please vote for eosDAC to be listed on Coinflyer X! - Coinflyer…

a month ago

eosDAC is pleased to report its EOS expenditure in August an...

eosDAC is pleased to report its EOS expenditure in August and September, reflecting our priorities: secure and reli…

a month ago

EOS Block Producers Prevent $12 Million Hack

EOS has a controversial structure, where the block producers have too much control over the network. However, they were able to prevent a $12 Million hack today, involving 2 Million EOS. The hack was detected and investigated by Sw/eden, EOSRio, EOSDac, shEOS, and Jem. The attacker later tried to obscure the transactions after it was hacked using random accounts. EOSRio team identified the accounts and blacklisted them. This was the first time a block producer discovered a hack, and an account was blocked without an order from the ECAF. EOS is priced at $5.35, losing 8.96% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

a month ago

eosDAC Member Client (...

eosDAC Member Client ( verified by @MetaCert, a Chrome extension to protect users from phis…

a month ago

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