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SingularDTV project purpose and description

SingularDTV clarity of purpose

SingularDTV purpose and aspects

Decentralized company, blockchain entertainment studio, laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry, rights management, peer-to-peer distribution, no intermediaries, Decentralized governance integrated

Short description

Content production and distribution platform built on Ethereum. The goal is not only to create and broadcast quality film and tv content but also to reshape the entertainment industry into a more fair, efficient and transparent business thanks to blockchain and smart contract technology.


Singular-DTV is a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (CODE). CODE is a new form of organizational structure developed in partnership with MME, the same legal firm behind the formation of the Ethereum foundation. The CODE is a distributed entity as it is crowd funded and the equity is shared between token holders that receive dividends from the profit generated by the platform, but it is centrally managed, meaning that token holders do not take part in the decision-making and development of the platform. The decentralized component of this governance model lives on the Ethereum blockchain as a tokenized Smart Contract System. These tokens are called SNGLS and they represent a share in Intellectual Property (IP) of S-DTV: film, television and software projects. The centralized component can be represented by a number of different company structures, which are in charge of managing S-DTV's funds, projects, and development.

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