Rakon RKN

Market Cap $ 7.957 MM (#549)
24h Volume $ 1.829 MM
Chg. 24h: -2.21%
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Rakon token helps to solve issue of payment and also it secures and manufacture frequency control solutions that will help organizations around the world to experience highly secured, synchronized and fast transaction systems that are crucial for the performance of critical applications. RKN Token is the fuel of the RKN’s ecosystem.

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PaymentsCyber security

Short description

Rakon Token - The safest and the most efficient way to create, send, receive, store and trade Crypto Currencies from anyone, anywhere in the World. Honored to be the exclusive Digital Asset of ONCS Blockchain Project.


The vision of RKNis to build a trust-freeand thepreferred supplierto the Communications Infrastructure, Positioning, Aerospace and Defense marketswith comprehensive application knowledgeto enable transparent information flow and efficient collaboration. The open internet –a global, distributed network of computers that share common open software protocols has enabled billions of humans to connect and share information instantly, securely. The implicationsfor the world have been profound, and are still unfolding. The invention of cryptographic assets and blockchain based computing and data sharing have ushered in the next major era of the open internet. We believe that RKN has all the necessary features to be a future part of web standards thathas the capability to revolutionize the world. With the in mind, we are proud to announce “RKN Token” as a token to exchange in a secure, anonymous, opt in blockchain technology that aims atenriching the experience of the connected society by delivering innovative, highly reliablefrequency control and timing solutions for infrastructure,satellite in space, or navigation devices. RKN Token is essential to realizing the full potential of block –chain technology in the world of frequency control and timing devices. RKN plans to create a network scheme to manage the creation, redemption, and flow to these assets in a way that is transparent to itsusers.

Link to Roadmap: https://rkntoken.io/#roadmap
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