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Market Cap $ 67.909 MM (#148)
24h Volume $ 124.170 MM
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QCash project purpose and description

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QCash purpose and aspects

Qcash is a independent digital currency contracts which based on QTUM blockchain and issued by Qcash foundation.

Short description

QC is a digital currency. Like other digital currencies, QC can be used anywhere in the world, at any time. Unlike other digital currencies, QC is stable. It is issued through a mix of digital asset pledge guarantees or direct redemption. QC maintains a 1:1 anchor with the CNY.


QuickCash is one of the first projects and institutions in the world to offer stable currency solutions. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, we have been exploring and optimizing our stable currency solutions to provide better use of stable coins for the market with the aim of decentralization, free circulation, exchange rate stability and safety compliance. Create a frictionless, faster global trading network. QucikCash 's design philosophy is based on smart contracts that provide liquidity at a low cost (anyone can gain liquidity through over-collateralized digital assets). The issuance model of asset collateral on the chain has stimulated people to spontaneously collateralize funds, enrich the source of liquidity, and eliminate the need for centralized gateways and hosting, eliminating the need for central institutions to question (since the mortgage process is on the chain, provided Sufficient transparency) .

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