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Market Cap $ 8.432 MM (#570)
24h Volume $ 15.322 K
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PumaPay mines the potential of blockchain technology by bringing it closer to home, providing every merchant with the possibility of processing daily payments on the blockchain. By introducing the flexibility of payment cards to the blockchain, PumaPay has revolutionized the way merchants conduct business online

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PumaPay Develops An Advanced Billing Infrastructure For Merchants, Allowing Them To Design Flexible Payment Scenarios Over The Blockchain.


Retailers and service providers are struggling with inefficient and costly payment mechanisms, which have not kept pace with the evolution of global commerce. Nothing – credit cards, alternative payments, virtual coins, or blockchain technology – has yet adapted to today’s various processing needs in order to provide an optimized solution for payment processing. PumaPay’s PullPayment protocol (the “Protocol”) under development, is intended to solve this problem by utilizing a new architecture of smart contract called “PullContract,” which enables new billing methodologies over the blockchain. We wish for the Protocol to promote more frequent use of cryptocurrency in online and offline markets, thereby significantly increasing the total volume of payments transacted with cryptocurrencies, as well as contributing to the global trend of payment decentralization. The Protocol is intended to be a comprehensive solution which offers robust payment mechanisms far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable than current implementations. Unlike today’s payment methods, which include credit cards and virtual coins like Bitcoin, the Protocol is being designed from the ground up with the intention to overcome some of the existing payment problems. In addition, we believe the Protocol will have the potential to increase economic efficiency, reduce friction, and minimize risks by removing intermediaries such as credit card companies that also charge excessive fees.

Link to Roadmap: https://pumapay.io/company/#roadmap
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