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Market Cap $ 9.575 MM (#295)
24h Volume $ 134.465 K
Chg. 24h: 9.35%
Algo. score 3.2/5  (#234)
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Primalbase Token purpose and aspects

Share, sell and rent out high-quality working spaces.

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Real world assetsReal estate

Short description

Primalbase is a system of dividing the infrastructure into invariably reserved coworking spaces for Primalbase community members, and rentable office spaces open to the public, will ensure efficiency and profitability of Primalbase business model.


Building upon the well-established business model of shared workspaces, the Primalbase project transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens. Primalbase tokens not only serve a practical function, but also have actual inherent value based on a real physical product: it is this that makes Primalbase stand out from other projects utilizing crypto tokens. The conception of the project and its core elements are outlined in this paper.

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