Polybius PLBT

Market Cap $ 5.593 MM (#416)
24h Volume $ 8.568 K
Chg. 24h: 1.62%
Algo. score 2.7/5  (#810)
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Polybius project purpose and description

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Polybius purpose and aspects

Private banking, combining features of IoT, Big Data and blockchain technologies. Polybius financial services will be interconnected with international systems in order to respond to the transaction needs of their users.

Polybius categories

Decentralized banking

Short description

Polybius is a fully-digital bank designed to acomodate the growing digital economy, incorporating electronic identification and digital banking services to serve the needs of the digital commerce market. The Polybius is an enterprise of HashCoins, the same company that brings you the Hashflare mining contracts.


PLBT is a token issued within an eToken1 contract. The number of Polybius tokens issued during the ICO equals 20,000,000 (twenty million). However, no further PLBT will be generated afer this phase of the project and all the unsold tokens will be destroyed. eToken is an Ethereum smart contract, written using Solidity programming language by Ambisafe. It enables issuance of tokens in Ethereum network and provides a rich set of features: Implementation of ICAP for multi-layer transaction routing, Account recovery for the lost key scenario, Allowances, Automatic ethereum network fee refunds, Integrated exchange with Ether currency, Ability to set transaction fees

Link to Roadmap: https://polybius.io/#roadmap
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