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The PlayChip is an ERC223 token designed to become the universal gaming token. The PlayChip will serve at the core of an online gaming ecosystem that already consists of seven platforms, with many more to come. The ecosystem supports a user base of over 900,000 people in over 70 different nations, and is on track to turn over a combined US$430m in 2018 alone.

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The PlayChip™ is changing the way you play. Brought to you by the PlayChip Foundation the PlayChip will be the exclusive gaming token of some of the world’s leading gaming operators. The mission of the PlayChip is to deliver the world’s biggest incentivised, blockchain-enabled sports community and gaming ecosystem.


The PlayChip Foundation Ltd is developing its PlayChip to be at the centre of an incentivised, blockchainenabled, sports community, and gaming ecosystem. Following the implementation of the blockchain enabled PlayChip, holders of the PlayChip will be able to seamlessly transfer funds between the various sites accepting the token through the PlayWallet. They will be able to buy and sell the token directly via our partnered exchange, the PlayXchange. The PlayChip will also be available to trade on other major international exchanges. This will provide a degree of control and security in a manner not seen before in online gaming. The PlayChip is designed to be secure, scalable, and fun, as well as include features to incorporate fairness into PlayChip transactions and the partner gaming platforms, allowing it to become the gaming token of choice globally.

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