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Market Cap $ 2.576 MM (#577)
24h Volume $ 243.707 K
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Algo. score 3.6/5  (#171)
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Phore Blockchain enables the transfer of value across an accessible, standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible and scalable. The platform supports a variety of applications and ventures which accord a growing range of capabilities including: decentralized marketplace, reliable & quick transactions, private & transparent, rewards for participation, decentralized applications, accessibility & usability, blockchain technologies and services.

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Phore Blockchain is a digital ecosystem that leverages distributed ledger technology to enable the transfer of value across an accessible, standardized system that is secure, flexible and scalable. Phore, or PHR, is the native cryptocurrency, or digital asset, of the Phore Blockchain. The platform supports an increasing variety of applications and ventures which support a growing range of capabilities and uses. Phore Blockchain Technologies and Services are tailored for the smarter, connected business.


To succeed in today’s burgeoning blockchain ecosystem, relying on a onedimensional approach to success is no longer a viable long-term option. The market is saturated with coins that aim to accomplish little more than being a medium of exchange with one or two additional features. Short of a new, innovative technology, there is little potential to displace the large, legacy coins that have assumed some of the highest market capitalizations. Nor is it necessary. The vision of Phore Blockchain is to provide a platform that facilitates decentralized commerce that is free to use and sustainable in nature. This vision reaches beyond the core blockchain to include applications and ventures built on top of the platform. An oak tree is a good conceptual model: Phore Blockchain is grounded in sound technology, it is our legacy and the roots of our platform; a system of self-governance in the shape of an independent network of masternodes forms our trunk and provides stability; and the breadth of projects designed on top of our platform, both realized and imagined, the crown of the tree. Phore Blockchain thus encompasses all facets of the ecosystem we are creating, with Phore coin (PHR) representing but one branch on the Phore Blockchain tree. Put simply, Phore Blockchain will be an ecosystem that continuously improve the technology behind PHR, creates new and innovative applications, hosts a decentralized marketplace, provides opportunities for crowdfunding, and offers blockchain-related services to third parties, both public and private. The utility of PHR, which touches all aspects of the ecosystem, will thus be manifold.

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