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Pepe Cash project purpose and description

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Pepe Cash purpose and aspects

Rare Pepes popped up in an extremely fair manner one day, on the decentralized XCP exchange out of nowhere, and there is now an entire community of passionate people all creating new assets for them and other Counterparty tokens.

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What Is Pepe Cash?

Pepe Cash is a cryptocurrency designed for the art industry. The Pepe cards are assets created to use counterparty blockchain the same way that popular card games Spells of Genesis works.

As the blockchain niche keeps growing, the desire to diversify blockchain’s products stems from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original focus of advancing decentralization.

Though most blockchains such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ripple are directed at the financial niche, concerns have emerged that some sectors such as the creative art are being left behind. This is the gap that Pepe Cash came to fill.

  • A closer look at Pepe Cash

Pepe Cash was designed to operate as the currency for the Pepesphere. This is a creative art niche where people get creative by creating memes and releasing them on social media.

The memes are funny images, videos, or writings that easily go viral within a short moment in the social media.

Unlike in the past when memes were only used for fun, they have become important marketing tools for driving traffic and conversion in websites.

This growing importance of memes and the desire to grow the industry is what prompted the Pepe Cash founders to create the coin.

Note that the founders of the Pepe Cash are anonymous. They decided to operate as anonymous entities as a security measure.

Like Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin launched privately, being anonymous implies helps to shield users from third-party seizures and related legal battles.

  • The Pepe Cash Coin performance in the market

The performance of the Pepe Cash Coin in the market has been impressive. Between introduction into the market in early October 2016 and early October 2018, the value grew by more than 9,500% from $0.00007 to $0.007.

In October 2016, Pepe Cash Coin was trading in the market for $0.00007 and remained around that range until February 2017. Then, it rose significantly to reach $0.02 in May 2017 and continued growing to hit $0.1 (the highest mark in its history) in December 19th 2017.

The good performance did not last long. From January 2018 to October 2018, the price took a downward trend culminating to $0.007. The community has expressed optimism that the price will ultimately take an upward trend.

What is the problem that Pepe Cash Solves?

The entry of Bitcoin into the market signaled the start of a new era of digital currencies. The society had finally gotten a reliable method of sending value securely on a peer2peer basis.

However, not all problems were solved by Bitcoin. Indeed, the decentralized system also introduced some new issues such as scalability. Here are the main problems that Pepe Cash seeks to address.

  • Poor adoption of cryptocurrencies in the market

Though the blockchain niche has been very effective in providing the community with a new solution for sending value, the penetration has not been very effective. Many niches such as medical records, social media and creative arts feel left out.

Pepe Cash targets to be the currency of the creative arts niche. The Pepe Cash system is run in the Bitcoin blockchain which implies that it follows Bitcoin’s operational model transactions but with a different target.

  • Centralization of financial services

The problem of financial service that Bitcoin sought to address still persists. This implies that many people looking forward to send value from one point to another are still required going through third parties such credit card companies that compromise privacy and make transaction very expensive.

The centralized services also compromise users’ privacy by making the details available to a wide array of people. For example, the bank cashiers and management can easily peruse through your transactions. Even third parties such as the banking system and political administrations can get access to the details through court orders.

  • Wrong perception of cryptocurrencies in the market

When cryptocurrencies hit the market, the publicity was very negative. Many administrations were categorical that people who used the coins were at risk of losing their money. The argument was that the coins lack consumer protection and could easily be used for fraud and terrorism.

Because the negative perceptions about digital coins persist, Pepe Cash is seeking to paint the right image by helping people to see the industry positively. The target is crafting a system where all people can easily associate with a blockchain project and make payment with cryptocurrencies.

  • Insecurity of operating in the blockchain system

Since 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced into the market, the industry has been rocked with serious security issues. One example is the attack on Bitcoin Gold that was hacked when it was only a few days old. Other attacks that shocked the crypto industry included the hacking at Mt. Gox where over 600,000 Bitcoins were lost and the recent attack at YouBit that saw the exchange file for bankruptcy. These are some of the threats that Pepe Cash addresses.

How Does Pepe Cash Solve The Problem

To help run the Pepe Cash system, there is an entire ecosystem of artwork created to operate on the Bitcoin blockchain. Here is a demonstration of how the entire system works.

  • The Pepe Cash ecosystem

The first pepe was made by a member of the Boy’s Club in 2005. It was a pepe of a frog. This is why the Pepe Cash Coin took the image of a frog in honor of the first pepe. Now, the industry has been running by simply reimagining the spin-offs.

From the satirical application, Pepes metamorphosed into a complete ecosystem referred to as “pepesphere.” It is the online realm where tokenized pepes are traded and payment is done using Pepe Cash Coin. This means that you can create a pepe and sell on the pepesphere.

The pepes are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain as complete transactions and built on counterparty. This implies that the transactions are run on the Bitcoin platform.

Note that unlike the standard design of the tokens where a definite coin number is released, the creator of a pepe can decide to make copies of 1,100, or 99,999 copies for sale based on the intent. These pepes are included in the Rare Pepe Directory.

Because the blockchain stores only the reference of every piece, the transaction hashes only serve as certificates of authenticity. Therefore, when one buys a pepe from the directory, he receives a token for it in the pepe wallet.

Note that though one can indeed visit the Rare Pepe Directory and copy the artwork, it will not look like the original work. Think of it like copying a piece of artwork instead of downloading the whole thing.

Note that you can also join the ecosystem by creating the pepes and selling them on the network. Simply visit the Rare Pepe Directory to see the rules of creating and submitting new memes.

  • A completely decentralized system pegged to the Bitcoin system

To help give a humorous outlook of the blockchain network, the Pepe Cash system is linked to the Bitcoin network. Using Pepe Cash Coin and Bitcoin is helping to demonstrate the positive side of the blockchain industry.

People who love artwork and marketers targeting to drive traffic to their websites can now use Pepe Cash to promote their work. As political and company satire take the center stage in mainstream media, the blockchain community is expected to shine positively and attract more people.

What makes Pepe Cash better than it’s competitors?

The main goal of Pepe Cash system was to extend the utility of cryptocurrencies in the market to the creative art niche. However, the crypto industry that is drawing a lot of interest and competition is very stiff. Here are some of the things that make Pepe Cash better than competitors.

  • The creative artwork is a relatively new niche that has not been explored by other networks

While most cryptocurrencies are targeted at the financial niche, Pepe Cash Coin is the currency of the creative artwork niche (pepeshpere). This implies that the Pepe Cash Coin is likely to grow faster and deliver high value to users. This is one of the reasons why the value of the Pepe Cash Coin grew by more than 9500% between launch and October 2018.

  • The Pepe Cash Coin has been performing relatively well in the market

Many people who are joining the crypto niche are interested in knowing about the expected potential of the target. As the satire associated with memes keeps growing the demand for Pepe Cash Coin is expected to continue growing at a faster rate than other coins. Note that the bearish trend reported in 2018 hit most coins including Bitcoin. The trend is expected to change and take a bullish trend.

  • The Pepe Cash system has created a new way of looking at cryptocurrencies

The fast-growing demand for Pepe Cash is demonstrating that there is a positive side of cryptocurrencies. It is not right to only associate cryptocurrencies with things such as fraud and scams. You can use the coins to buy memes, pay bills, or as savings.

  • The Pepe Cash system allows users to join and own the system

If you join many cash services such as credit cards and banks, there is a sort of passive feeling. The decisions are made by the management and the users only need to comply. However, the Pepe Cash system allows the user to join and own the system. For example, you can join the network to buy or sell own memes.

How can Pepe Cash be categorized?

Pepe Cash is the first creative art platform designed to help redefine the meaning of cryptocurrencies. The creative method of using the blockchain to generate certificates for accessing pepes from the Rare Pepe Directory is likely to change how people view cryptocurrencies.

Besides, the Pepe Cash system seeks to draw more creative artists and grow the industry. It is this meeting point that will redefine the new positions of creative art and cryptocurrencies in the market today.

What’s Pepe Cash’s vision on Security?

The Pepe Cash’s vision on security is to ensure that people can join its system and access the best pepes without worrying of losing to hackers. With the rising cases of insecurity for crypto platforms such as exchanges, Pepe Cash wanted to give users the assurance of optimal security using the following ways:

  • Advanced encryption of the user details and transactions
  • The Pepe Cash is based on the highly secure Bitcoin blockchain
  • The Pepe Cash’s development team progressively review the network to identify and remove vulnerabilities with regular updates

Examples of Pepe Cash’s use cases / applications

The Pepe Cash platform was designed with the main goal being to extend the blockchain technology to the creative art’s niche. The following are the main use cases:

  • The Pepe Cash coin is used to buy pepes from the Rare Pepe Directory. The coin is the native asset that all artwork lovers and even marketers targeting the pepes should use. Even if you have a different coin, it has to be converted to Pepe Cash coin.
  • Use the Pepe Cash platform to create and sell pepes. The Rare Pepe Directory is a unique repository that any user can join to create new pepes and sell to interested parties.
  • Use the Pepe Cash coin to save funds. Pepe Cash coin, like other coins such as Bitcoin, can be used as a store of value. You only need to buy the coins in the exchanges and hold them.
  • The Pepe Cash coin is a reliable way of sending value. If you are looking forward to sending value from one part of the globe to another on a peer2peer basis, consider using Pepe Cash coin. It allows users to send funds directly without relying on third-party companies such as banks and credit companies.

Note that because the Pepe Cash platform is not a profit-making enterprise, the cost of sending value is low and the transactions are completed instantly. Remember that both the sender and recipient must be in the Pepe Cash platform to send value.



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