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OSA DC Solution takes this a stage further - it develops a range of technologies that aim to overcome the obstacles identified in implementation of OSA Hybrid Platform Solution - lack of transparency across entire supply chain and “human factor”. Firstly, synergy of AI and blockchain with smart contract functionality will secure supply chain members' data from manipulation and unauthorized access and will make it transparent. Secondly, creation of Product Master Data Catalogue that will contain product name, visual appearance, 3D model and comprehensive product information across 150 product attributes. It will allow AI to analyze clean data and provide all members of the supply chain with smart prescriptions. Each product will include Image Recognition (IR) model, generated by teaching AI on synthetic 3 data sets (unique technology developed by our partner Neuromation). IR functionality allows controlling AI generated tasks' execution by shop staff, collecting necessary data in real time and providing unique services to the consumers and supplying chain members. These technologies, mounted on top of the existing Big Data Platform, Real Time processing and Machine Learning will allow to completely solve product availability issue, drastically reduce huge product write-offs and deliver tangible benefits to the supply chain members and the end consumers. OSA DC will make all of its reliable product data available to consumers, in an easy-to-use format. Enriched with product and store performance ratings, this data will allow consumers to make intelligent and conscious product and store choices and 1. save consumers money 2. save consumers time 3. stay healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. OSA DC will encourage consumers to generate and share valuable consumer data that will guide manufacturers and retailers to produce better products and improve business processes to deliver better services. Consumers will be rewarded by OSA Coins for generated data and will have wide range of possibilities to use OSA Coins, including purchase of consumer products. OSA Decentralized Solution creates unique ecosystem that unites various parties which are disconnected today - supply chain members, data providers, data scientists, IT specialists, apps developers, computation power providers, laboratories, regulators and end consumers - in order to develop myriads of B2B and B2C services on decentralized blockchain and smart contracts based platform, aiming to help create better products and services to the end consumer. OSA Coin is fuel to enable ecosystem operation, reward to the ecosystem members for adding value and payment unit to enable billions of transactions between OSA ecosystem members. The core element of OSA ecosystem will be OSA coin, which simultaneously is a tool for global OSA solution scaling. The initial token for sale is OSA Interim Token, which is an ERC20 standard token. After building own blockchain infrastructure for OSA coin, that will ultimately meet platform's requirements of transactions speed, cost and quantity (currently planned for the second half of 2019). All token holders of OSA tokens will be able to freely exchange their OSA tokens into OSA coins at the rate of 1 to 1. OSA blockchain will serve as the basis for OSA smart contract infrastructure, which will enable key stakeholders of our ecosystem — namely: product vendors and retail store owners — to enter into a smart contract establishing KPIs for optimal shelf availability of a vendor's products. Each product metric, like quantity, alignment and presentation of the product on the shelf, will be tokenized using OSE KPI tokens sitting on top of OSA blockchain.

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OSA DC is a decentralized, AI-driven big data platform based on blockchain and powered by smart contracts. The platform collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and open data sources in real-time.


OSA Decentralized (OSA DC) is the world's first decentralized AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

Link to Roadmap: https://osadc.io/en/#roadmap
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