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Newscrypto purpose and aspects is a blockchain-linked ecosystem for all the information regarding cryptocurrency.

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Short description - Best place in the crypto world, for money-making decisions.

Abstract is a blockchain-linked ecosystem for all the information regarding cryptocurrency. We present a platform appropriate for everyone seeking knowledge and trading advantages in the crypto world. We are a non-ICO projectmeaning we will not raise capital because weare self-sufficient, with a product that already works. is designed to give you all the needed information and tools in one place. We educate our members about the financial world of crypto assets with our trading tools, advanced indicators,community prediction sectionand our own school program. The main focus of the Newscrypto platform is to solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time and guide people from blindly investing in making rational investment decisions. On Newscrypto platform you can find basically everything about crypto, you need to have an advantage in future trading. Based on the tools and features provided, our users can trade with confidence and security while using our special one-step execution possibilities. The platform is being run by a newly developed token called Newscrypto or NWC. The token is used to financially support employees, servers, maintenance and the platform itself. In the white paper, there are some insides and guides of our platform we have created for those who want to learn more about our project and for our potential future members.

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