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  • Notarization
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NEM project purpose and description

Short description

A blockchain notarization and timestamping service with transferable, updatable, branded, and conjointly owned notarizations


​Many timestamping services exist in one form or another in the blockchain sphere, but most of these are simple first generation systems for hashing a document to get its fingerprint and then timestamping that fingerprint in the blockchain with a transaction. These are one-off fixed transactions that have their reason to be culminating in being included in a block so that later they may be audited. These 1.0 timestamps are not updatable, cannot be transferred from one owner to another, and cannot have additional value and assets attached to the timestamp. Apostille, as the first 2.0 blockchain notarization service, solves these problems and offers a new set of features and business opportunities.The Apostille system’s key innovation is taking data which represents an underlying person, place, or thing and giving that data its own private key derived deterministically from its contents. This is used to create an account that represents the state of that object. These are dynamic accounts that can be used to prove authenticity, show ownership, and record updates, as well as be branded, transferable and conjointly owned.

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