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MobileGo project purpose and description

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MobileGo purpose and aspects

buy/sell in-game content, Wager on tournaments, decentralized tournamenets, Only Mobile e-sports platform, Trustless transactions between parties, Freedom of payments

MobileGo additional differentiation against competition

Created by the same team that created GameCredits.

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MobileGo is a product of the Game Credit Mobile and Gaming Store. It was specifically created for the purpose of marketing, branding and development of applications on the Game Credit Mobile Store.

MobileGo is a digital coin that prevails game players the opportunity to buy game content and features. It is a smart token that aims to facilitate matches and tournaments between players through a decentralized platform. It is also for the purpose of gamifying the mobile platform, to encourage game players to partake through the use of rewards and for loyalty.

The centerpiece of the creation of MobileGo is the creation of a virtual marketplace for the selling and buying of game content and features between players, gamers are given the opportunity to play against one and the other and also to decentralize competitions and tournaments.

All these would be created on the Game Credit platform.

The Game Credit platform is one that provides varieties of games for users to chose from. The Game Credit platform has its own currency, used for payment and transactions. However, this coin is limited to an extent. This gave rise to the need for a smart token which would allow for decentralization which would provide solutions to the numerous problems facing the gaming sector. This is where the MobileGo token comes in. The token is an ERC-20 token created for the implementation of the Ethereum smart contract technology on the Game Credit Platform.

MobileGo is built on two blockchains namely

  • Waves Blockchain

The wave blockchain is a very attractive blockchain. It provides the users with a universal chrome wallet and user interface that is very easy to use. It also allows users the ability to make use of fiat currency and the simple token issuance.

  • Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum smart contract is what would be used to decentralized the gaming sector. The major aim is to assist in the branding and marketing of Game Credit and also to develop the use of the smart contract on the Game Credit platform by employing the Ethereum blockchain. With this, players are given full control, rewards are incorporated into tournaments.



The gaming industry is plagued with varieties of challenges which the MobileGo aims to solve.

These challenges revolve around the revenue gotten from the game ranging from allocation to payment methods to time frame. Being a subsidiary of the game credit platform, the MobileGo aims to provide the solution for the following participants in the platform. They include:


  • Game Players

Game players are always victims of insecurity, information loss, anonymity, slow transaction speed and many others in traditional platforms. This is because these traditional platforms have always operated a centralized system. Most times, there are cases of hack where the system is affected and money is lost. This leads to the inability of the platform to make refunds to the participants of their platforms. The difficulty that comes with transferring of credits and money from a game to the other scares most of them away as they would always have to make payment through their banks to make a purchase on the game.

  • Game Developers

Developers go through rigorous issues with publishing sites like the play store or app store. These platforms take a huge percentage of the total purchase of game application sold. These platforms receive about 30% money earned. Aside from the huge chunk of money allocated to the publishing firms, the developers have to wait for about two months before any of their earnings can be allocated to them. Developers also face challenges as regards fake payment made by some customers reducing the expected income of these developers.

Also, the MobileGo platform aims to bring esports to every nook and cranny of the world rather than just the elites. Gamers would be able to participate to make a living for themselves through the reward system and betting platform. Everyone would have the privilege and the opportunity to showcase their abilities and skills.



The main objective of the MobileGo is to decentralize the gaming industry through the use of the blockchain smart contract. MobileGo is a smart token created to help in funding the game credit mobile store and to decentralize the game market. Smart contracts are the automated machine that executes agreements.

This eliminates the presence of an unreliable third party to bring players in contact with one and the other and developers together with their customers. Now, a gamer can join a competition using the smart contract.

The smart contract technology provides a virtual exchange system, player-player wager competition, and player run wager competition. For the game players, the smart contract provides security and protects their anonymity.

There is no possible chance through which the platform can be hacked because of the blockchain technology. Information is immutable and cannot be tampered with. Payment is also done easier and faster as the MobileGo platform givers users varieties of payment options to choose from. More so, the MobileGo gives room for unlimited deposits.

For Game developers, the MobileGo platform implements a model of which just 10% of the total revenue would be collected from the developers, unlike other stores that get 30%. Much more, through the smart contract, pay-outs would be done in less than 60 minutes.

This is possible based on the amount of speed through which the smart contract process transactions. All the developer has to do is connect his wallet to the smart contract and every purchase made goes into the wallet.

Also, in terms of updates and new releases, there is no need to wait for any third party to add the update for you as all that is needed is that you upload it yourself through the smart contract.

Majorly, every challenge that is faced by the game industry carefully catered for by the smart contract through the decentralization of the platform.



One major difference of MobileGo against its competition is the fact that MobileGo was created by the same team that created Game Credit. The MobileGo token and GAME token are for the same platform but for different purposes.

Through the implementation of the MobileGo smart token, the Game Credit platform is gamified. This gamification brings about competition between players and in the course of this competition, users are rewarded based on performance, referrals and ranking.

The MobileGo is better than its competitors because it takes into consideration the outlook of the platform and also the decentralization of the platform through the implementation of two different blockchains. The waves blockchain is implemented to provide an intuitive and easy to use UI and also a chrome wallet. The Ethereum blockchain, on the other hand, was employed to create a decentralized market place and competition.

This way, security is guaranteed and the presence of a third party is needless.

The platform demands just 10% of the revenue from the game developers as compared to other platforms that demand 30% of the total revenue. This way, game developers are encouraged to provide their games for public consumption and still get the best from it. Also, the smart contract provides speedy transaction such that developers do not have to wait for 60 days for payment as witnessed in other platforms rather, MobileGo offers developers barely less than 60 minutes.

The decentralization of the Game Credit platform enhances the security level of the platform. There is no possibility of a hack neither is it possible to forge a transaction or to get the game illegally as seen in traditional platforms.



MobileGo can be categorized into the following:

  • Market Place

A marketplace is where buying and selling take place. On the platform, there is the buying and selling of games and its features. Also, there is an interaction between developers and game players and that is what a market entails. Through MobileGo, there is the shift from a centralized marketplace to a decentralized marketplace i.e. there is the elimination of a middleman to handle any transaction as every transaction is automated through the smart contract. As a result, there is a low possibility of a hack or theft. The MobileGo token is the most important thing in the decentralized marketplace. With the token, gamers/users can exchange digital items between one another from games. Every trade is carried out on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Gambling

One major feature of the MobileGo is that it facilitates peer-to-peer gambling between users. The aim of the platform is that game players come together to compete against the other. At times, it could be a face-off between two contending champions or a match could just be organized to determine who is better than the other. In the course of this, the two players could make a stake of which the winner would go home with or the audiences can stake their cash on the best person to win. In centralized gambling, there is usually the case of money loss, late payment, no payment, system hack, fraud and a couple other vices. With the MobileGo smart token, decentralization prevents all of these vices, bringing security and a faster payment method to the platform.

  • Gaming

The MobileGo platform is developed to support the gaming industry. One of the major function of the token is for the gamification of the mobile platform. By gamification, we mean giving players the opportunity to create or start competitions and in the course of this competition, players are rewarded based on performance, referrals and ranking. The platform aims to solve the numerous problems facing gamers and game developers through the use of the smart contract.



MobileGo vision towards security is seen in their employment of a dual blockchain. They are the first token to employ the use of the Ethereum and waves blockchain simultaneously. They both provide the platform with a locked wallet, web interface and the smart contract. Tokens bought on the Ether is released to the users on the Ethereum side while tokens purchased with BTC, WAVES or GAME would be released on wave’s wallet. This ensures that there is no room for double-spending neither is there a possibility of loss of fund.

The use of the blockchain brings about a decentralization of the gaming platform and as such, excludes the presence of third party. The third party has always been the cause of the issue in the game industry as it gave room for fraud, loss of funds, hack, etc. The blockchain brings about automation in payment as there is no possibility of a fraud or hack.

Also, the dual blockchain gives room for redundancy which is another security advantage. This means that if there is ever an occurrence of a technical issue on any of the blockchain, the MobileGo token can fully adopt the functional blockchain. In such situation, users would just need to provide a proof of ownership which would be verified on the blockchain and token would be issued back to the users.



The MobileGo platform has two major use cases and they are:

  • Gaming Industry

Through the use of the MobileGo smart token, the gaming industry is decentralized eliminating the presence of any third party using the Ethereum blockchain. The MobileGo platform is employed to gamify the game credit store. This way, gamers have the ability to create and enter competitions, for reward and also for loyalty sake. Also, the implementation of the token would help increase the popularity of the game credit platform through branding and marketing.

  • Currency

The MobileGo token is also a currency. It is used by the platform for the purchase of in game features. It can also be used for the sake of investment as there is no way a person can become a participant except through the use of the token. The higher the demand of the token based on the prospect of the platform, the higher the value of the token.

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