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"Lamden is a suite of developer tools that speed up the process of creating new and custom blockchain and apps. The Lamden Tau token ($TAU) connects these new projects together and with mainchain cryptocurrencies. Blockchain development is hard. All of the technology is made by researchers who are not commercialization experts. Lamden is changing that by creating development workflows that model how people already know how to program."

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Lamden’s TAU token facilitates interoperability and value exchange between established cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications made with the Lamden developer suite. Lamden’s developer suite is designed to streamline the production of enterprise grade software and commercialize the concepts found in the blockchain space.


The Lamden Project proposes the creation of a suite of development tools that allows rapid development and deployment of private blockchain systems that mimics the modern development process featured in such tech stacks as Node.js or Python which provide a plethora of easy to use tools, extensive and robust documentation, and vastly popular support communities. The project is broken up into three sections, Saron, Flora, and Clove, which each add a layer towards the end goal of providing hyperfast blockchains for developer to test, experiment, and deploy across a network of other blockchain systems.

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