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Krios is introducing a new way to collaborate with marketing professionals from around the globe. Businesses can build their own campaigns from scratch and monitor their progress until completion directly on the Krios platform.

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Krios is a platform that connects employers and freelancers in the next hire share economy. Many skilled individuals are turning to freelancing as a result of the freedom and flexibility that it brings. Krios enables employers looking to hire and freelancers searching for jobs to connect with one another. Sign up now to search for job opportunities and showcase your skills.


Krios is a Freelance and Affiliate advertisingplatform that incorporates blockchain technologies to help connect businesses seeking promotional and affiliation activities with influencers who have relevant demographics and professionals who offer relevant services. The platform focuses primarily on bringing social media influencers, consultants, ad managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, and more together to create cost-efficient advertising campaigns which promote brand awareness, increase organic business growth and encourage brand loyalty. The Krios platform connects businesses with the right affiliates to allow business owners and marketers to directly influence and attract their target market. Krios is a viable solution to problems currentlyfacing the digital advertising industry. Through the use of the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology, the platform offers a secure and transparent manner for conducting marketing activities, such as creating advertising content or purchasing advertisement space on a web page.Krios is taking advantage of Ethereum’s smart contract standards to provide all parties involved in advertising campaigns with a fair, transparent, cheap and quick way to coordinate and execute transactions. Kriosaim is to create a powerful and economical all-in-one solution that caters to diverse marketing needs, whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Krios leads the disruption of a multi-billion-dollar industry by taking charge ofproviding responsibility and accountabilitywhile increasing ROI for advertisers. The power of social media networking and the use of affiliate marketing is widespread and continues to flourish as businesses consistently realize exorbitant profits through the thoughtful and efficient process of connecting with relevant influencers.

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