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Market Cap $ 2.697 MM (#571)
24h Volume $ 89.389 K
Chg. 24h: -1.95%
Algo. score 3.6/5  (#1925)
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KICKICO provides a platform for startups to raise cash through ICOs. It provides other support such as marketing and more

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KICKICO is a fundraising platform for various projects including the business sphere, which allows you to launch a variety of fundraising campaigns such as: ICO, preICO, closed round and private sales campaigns. At the platform's first launch stage, the funds are accepted in KICK and ETH cryptocurrencies. Soon, other crypto-currencies and fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.) will be accepted. The funds are transferred to the authors in the ETH or KICK cryptocurrencies, so author can be anywhere in the world — the platform does not have citizenship requirements except for one: the campaign should not be contrary to the jurisdiction legislation in the country author has citizenship in. Thus, the author himself can choose which country to incorporate his campaign in and pay taxes, allowing him to optimize them. The fact differentiating KICKICO from other platforms is the ability of money transfers to be proceeded from any place of the world obtaining Internet connection. In this regard, KICKICO is available to any country residents including Asian region.


KICKICO is a platform for crowdfunding and crowdinvesting in cryptocurrency. It's KickCoins are made on ERC-20. After pregeneration for preICO and ICO, KickCoin can't be mined by users and are emitted during the fundraising process - whenever somebody contributes to the campaign directly to the smart contract address, new KickCoins are minted and sent to the address, from which the payment in ETH was made.

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