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Intergalactic Gaming (IG) describes itself as a UK-based company that aims to serve and improve the competitive gaming experience and lifestyle. It aims to establish and grow an inclusive community space to empower gamers to earn a sustainable living and build a career path.

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Our mission is to resolve the issue of limited monetisation and instability across the esports landscape by providing a proven infrastructure for the competitive gaming scene.


Intergalactic Gaming (IG) is a UK based blockchain and gaming organisation focused on evolving gaming as we know it. As avid gamers, we have identified issues across the esports landscape that are hindering the industry’s potential from being realised. Our solution is to create a platform that encourages accessibility, inclusivity, and stability subsequently interconnecting this heavily fragmented landscape. Using blockchain technology, we aim to propose a sustainable solution to the current issues of liquidity and monetisation in esports. We are offering a social competitive gaming ecosystem where all participants are fairly rewarded for the value they add, regardless of age, gender or skill level.

Link to Roadmap: https://assets.iggalaxy.com/litepaper.pdf
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