Golem project purpose and description

Golem clarity of purpose

Golem purpose and aspects

Super computer, Computing power, Distribute computer power, Buy/Sell computer power

Short description

The Golem Network is an accessible-to-everyone, distributed, supercomputer that reduces osts (sometimes by over 10x) of scientific research, big data analysis, graphics endering, machine learning, AI… just about anything that requires heavy computational ower. Those why buy computational power off the Golem Network are called Requesters.


Golem is the first truly ​ decentralized supercomputer, creating a global market for computing power. Combined with flexible tools to aid developers in securely distributing and monetizing their software, Golem altogether changes the way compute tasks are organized and executed. By powering decentralized microservices and asynchronous task execution, Golem is set to become a key building block for future Internet service providers and software development. And, by substantially lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning become more accessible to everyone.

Link to Roadmap: https://github.com/golemfactory/golem/wiki/Roadmap
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