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Market Cap $ 6.853 MM (#553)
24h Volume $ 1.023 MM
Chg. 24h: 9.86%
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GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) is the 1st digital currency to use the powerful Yescrypt code as it’s POW - there will be only 24 million minted. GlobalBoost offers innovative online & offline wallets and one-click payment gateways.

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GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) is the 1st digital currency to use the powerful Yescrypt code as it’s POW. There will be only 24 million minted, and with innovative online, offline wallets, one-click payment gateways, and supportive development team GlobalBoost-Y is changing Digital Money.


GlobalBoost-Y is the result of some of the our military veterans, GlobalBoost® employees, contractors, and supporters that put our minds together to create a digital currency that will gain and hold value. We wanted more though, something more than a just a payment system. We wanted something that was rare, and valuable. We wanted a coin that is more secure, and resistant to the vulnerabilities of ASIC & GPU mining. We want Digital Gold BSTY brings a completely new algorithm to the digital currency scene, and combines it with our real products, real company, and visible & accountable leadership. We aim to improve the acceptance of digital money, providing a safe & attractive investment using Yescrypt as our POW.

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