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GameCredits is an in-game currency designed to be used within partner games

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What is GameCredits?

Gaming is one of the most lucrative industries in as far as technology is concerned. According to research, one in three people you come across are gamers. It does not have to be a high-res game like Call of Duty, but games as simple as Candy Crush do count. While some of your popular games might not have embraced blockchain technology yet, that is the direction the gaming industry as a whole is taking, and it is only a matter of time before your beloved games are on the blockchain.

GameCredits is the universal currency and virtual wallet that is used by more than 2.6 billion gamers all over the world. GameCredits is more than just a virtual wallet and currency, it sparks a revolution in gaming as we know it.

To come up with a product as innovative as GameCredits, the team is made up of ardent gamers. These are people who have enjoyed some of the best games for years, and as a result, they know the workings of different gaming platforms, and more importantly, some of the challenges that gamers face every time they are on their consoles, phones, computers or any other device that they use to play their games.

With a passion for gaming comes the desire for programming. The concept behind GameCredits is that there is a lot of room for improvement in the gaming industry, and if this were to happen, there is a lot in store for the entire ecosystem, developers, and gamers alike.

Through cryptocurrency, it is possible to tap the potential of the gaming industry for all the stakeholders and make sure that everyone has an amazing experience. From developers to publishers, professional gamers and casual gamers, blockchain technology will definitely revolutionize gaming.

Other than the GameCredits cryptocurrency (GAME) there are a lot of other products that are leveraged on blockchain technology that has been introduced in the market, products that are making things easier, and better for gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

What is the problem that GameCredits Solves?

There are lots of challenges that face gamers and developers. Other than the inherent challenges that arise as a result of the basic nature of the conventional gaming platform, there have also been challenges since the initial adoption of blockchain technology.

Traditionally, privacy has always been a thorn in the flesh of many gamers. It is virtually impossible for you to play and maintain an anonymous profile. This has left a lot of high-profile gamers frustrated when their profiles were hacked. Hacks do not just go after the user’s profile, but also the in-game credits and so much more.

Developers are not safe either. It is very easy for someone to hack their devices and steal their source code, a vice that has seen a lot of developers lose their work, or end up with frivolous IP lawsuits.

Other than the hacks, it takes a very long time to process transactions especially credit card transactions. Some developers have to wait around 60 days before their payments can be made available to them. This is very inconveniencing.

Speed is another problem that has plagued the gaming industry over the years. Gamers and developers need to be able to purchase and sell games faster, seamlessly and more privately. This has not been possible, especially with all the phishing attempts and credit card information being stolen online.

How does GameCredits Solve the problem?

Fraudulent Purchases

Virtual purchases have met several problems in the past. More than 50% of all purchases are made fraudulently. This is something that is addressed by GameCredits. Through blockchain technology, GameCredits offers developers, gamers and other interested parties an assurance that all transactions carried out on the platform are legitimate, and there is no chance of fraud. Reducing the fraud risk from 50-99% to 0% is not a small feat.

Anonymous Gaming

Other than fraudulent purchases, gamers also have to worry about their privacy when connected to their gaming ecosystem. There is always the risk of hackers or anyone else who might be interested in your data for one reason or the other, compromising your security when you are connected to the gaming universe. GameCredits takes care of this risk. When using GameCredits, you enjoy anonymous transactions. Your activities cannot be traced.

Credit Card Transactions

As mentioned earlier, credit card transactions often take a very long time before they can be processed by the relevant banks or financial institutions. On average, these can take up to 60 days to pull through. However, GameCredits has designed a payment system that is a complete game changer. Instead of waiting 60 days, users can now look forward to their transactions terminating in around 60 hours.

Prioritize Gamers and Developers

The two groups of people who matter most in the world of gaming are usually the ones who get the raw end of the deal. The biggest winners are the intermediaries who connect gamers and developers. Through GameCredits, however, this changes. All the attention is focused on the people who introduce the games into the market, and the people who play the games. GameCredits does away with intermediaries and storefronts who have traditionally felt more entitled to the hard work of developers, and the time and resources of gamers.

Decentralized Gaming

Gaming is a culture. It adds more value to our lives than most people give it credit for. Games can be a good learning tool, used as a sport or act as a stress reliever. Gaming serves pretty much the same purpose that listening to music, reading or watching movies does.

Through the internet of value, blockchain platforms like GameCredits are out to break down the institutionalization of games, and instead decentralize gaming to make it fairer, and open up gaming for a lot of people.

Apart from decentralization, GameCredits also brings a sense of diversity and innovation in gaming. There is no monopoly on gaming talent all over the world. For this reason, the GameCredits platform is an avenue where anyone who has the required skills is welcome to help advance the concept of cryptocurrency in gaming.

What makes GameCredits better than the competitors?

There are many blockchain platforms out there, and quite a number that targets gamers and developers. What sets GameCredits apart from the rest? GameCredits beats the competition on two fronts; from a developer’s perspective, and from the gamer’s perspective.


By using GameCredits, gamers are guaranteed to have the best gaming experience ever. The system has been designed to be seamless with whichever gaming platform in use. When making in-game payments, these are done without any hassles. You do not even need to key in your credit card details. Yours is to focus on playing and beating the levels, creating unbeatable high scores.

Traditionally, there are limits to the amount you can deposit in a gaming environment. This has been prohibitive and leaves a lot of hardcore gamers at a disadvantage. However, the GameCredits wallet allows you to deposit as much currency as you need. There are no limits shoved down your throat.

When using the GameCredits wallet, you can transfer credits you have earned from one game to another. This means that you can keep playing one game that you are so good at, to earn credits that you can use to boost your play or purchase in-game resources from another game altogether.

It is always so intrusive when you sign into your device to play, and the game collects your personal information to sign you into the account. When playing through GameCredits, however, you have the power to send money anonymously. Your private information stays private and personal.


The delay in receiving payments is no longer something you have to worry about. Through GameCredits, you will get your payments processed faster, in 60 hours at most. Given the developments and innovation that is invested in this blockchain platform, you can look forward to an even shorter payment processing period as the GameCredits ecosystem keeps advancing into the future.

Over the years, traditional gaming platforms have made it difficult for most developers to advance their careers. This is done by limiting your deposits. By limiting the deposit limits, this is a huge roadblock in your revenue stream. GameCredits is a game changer because, in this system, there are no limits on deposits.

Security is always a concern for anything or anyone that is connected to the internet. Many gamers and developers in the past have been victims of hacks. GameCredits maintains an immutable blockchain ledger. This means that the last thing you will ever need to worry about is a fraudulent transaction. Besides, in this ecosystem, you can proceed to design your games without worrying about your source code being stolen or something of the sort.

Commissions always hurt everyone’s pocket. When you develop an app for Apple store or Google Play, they take 30% of your hard work. That is so much money, considering that they can always block you or remove your app from their store at will. However, with GameCredits, you get to keep 90% of your earnings. Yes, that’s true. You only pay 10% in commission.

How can GameCredits be categorized?

GameCredits is a universal gaming currency. It is a standardized cryptocurrency that can be used in gaming platforms all over the world. As a payment platform, it is fast, secure and safe for gaming apps and websites.

What’s GameCredits’ vision on Security?

GameCredits is working hard to change the perception and perspective of gaming security as we have known it over the years. More often, in the traditional gaming platforms, developers and gamers alike are on their own. You are in charge of your own security. However, GameCredits takes advantage of the impeccable blockchain security protocols to make things better.

Both gamers and developers can now enjoy their unique roles in a gaming ecosystem without worrying about intrusive credential requests, the risk of hacks and most of the other security concerns that dog conventional gaming ecosystems.

This proof of work cryptocurrency project also leveraged their services on the Komodo blockchain to boost their security efforts. By using a cross-blockchain notary system, GameCredits and Komodo are interlinked, and as a result, they should be able to boost each other’s security by verifying one another in the unlikely event of an attack.

Examples of GameCredits use cases/applications

Apart from issuing a digital currency, GameCredits has gone ahead and developer some innovate solutions within the blockchain platform that is useful for the entire ecosystem. There are lots of products that are already benefitting from the GameCredits network, including the following:


This is an app that was designed to reward users who share their underutilized computing resources, like the GPU cycles and CPU with other users on the blockchain. You earn GAME tokens for this.


This is a community of gamers. Like any other community, the concept is to bring people together, so that they can learn together and empower one another. By sharing knowledge, this community aims to make sure that gamers and developers speak the same language, understand one another, and forge a good relationship that will keep changing the world of gaming as we know it.


This is a native game store by GameCredits. It is run by GNation. For any developer who knows what’s good for them, this is the place to list your games. GPlay rewards developers by paying them 90% of their sale. There is currently no gaming store that offers that much in payouts.


This is the token wallet for GAME tokens. Gamers will find this useful, as it allows them to make purchases in-game, buy games and use the tokens for e-sporting activities online.


This is a sister token to GAME tokens, launched by GameCredits. This token was useful in supporting the marketing efforts for GameCredits, and at the same time supporting the smart contract functionalities.


This was one of the first games that were launched by GameCredits. It is a multiplayer role-playing game developed for iOS and Android devices. PixelWars accepts GAME tokens as the in-game currency.



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