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GameCredits GAME

  • Gaming
  • Digital currency
$1.60 Price
-10.9% % 24h
-1.4% % 1h
$103,132,026 Mkt. Cap
$2,029,450 Vol. 24h
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GameCredits project purpose and description

Short description

GameCredits is an elegant, swift, safe and easy to use in-game payment platform.


This platform will provide a simple and familiar gateway to cryptographic payments for Gamers and Game Developers alike. The platform will function as a secure online payment gateway and wallet, allowing users to frictionlessly manage their balances and instantly buy in-game content, whilst allowing Game Developers to seamlessly integrate and receive payments from, or issue payments to, their users. GMC's Game Payment Platform is being developed in collaboration with like minded Crypto Projects, being built from the ground up to support multiple currencies, and to serve multiple purposes.

Link to Roadmap: N/A
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