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FunFair project purpose and description

FunFair clarity of purpose

FunFair purpose and aspects

decentralised gaming platform, whitelabel platform, decentralized casino, 10x more efficient gas transaction costs, provably fair, lower cost than traditional casinos, instant transactions, whitelabel your own casino

Short description

FunFair’s token, FUN, is the currency of this new ecosystem. The FUN token powers every aspect of FunFair’s Ethereum-based casino platform. Players will bet using FUN, developers and affiliates will be rewarded for their participation in FUN, and operators and licencees will pay players out using FUN. FUN will also power the smart contracts that run the platform, including FunFair’s unique new Random Number Generator.


We are FunFair and we’re revolutionizing the gaming industry by harnessing the power of the blockchain in the online gaming market. We know why blockchain gaming has failed to reached a mass audience and this whitepaper will give you an overview of how we are delivering solutions which ensure that the future of online casino gaming is fun, fast and fair.

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