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Market Cap $ 15.876 MM (#427)
24h Volume $ 3.803 MM
Chg. 24h: 12.13%
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FirmaChain project purpose and description

FirmaChain clarity of purpose

FirmaChain purpose and aspects

FirmaChain aims to replace all social and legal actions based on existing written documents with a platform that combines electronic document-signatures with blockchain.

Short description

Unlocking new limits of electronic contracts with blockchain technology, FirmaChain seeks to resolve all the social and legal issues (contracts, notarial, etc.) with written contracts through the use of electronic contracts based on FirmaChain’s data blockchain.


Current contract types include written agreements and electronic contracts. However, because the contract is managed using a personalized and centralized server, an accident can result in the contract being broken, lost, forged, or tampered with. FirmaChain is a project that solves the above existing contracting problems by using blockchain characteristics (dispersion). The contracts that have been processed are securely stored on the blockchain and are legally valid due to digital signatures between the parties, so they can be used as data for future legal disputes.

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