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Market Cap $ 2.157 MM (#642)
24h Volume $ 215.012 K
Chg. 24h: -2.89%
Algo. score 2.2/5  (#1311)
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In the traditional market structures, the irreversible trend of the advantaged players constantly getting accumulated advantages, also known as the Matthew Effect, results in the monopoly of superior resources by major platforms and corporate players, who can therefore manipulate the public attention and seize value and earnings correspondingly. The bargaining negotiations among magnates will determine the overall layout of the industry while the popularity, network flow, sales turnover and public visibility of the individual IPs will be determined by the online marketers insight, access to resources and their profit-sharing arrangment with the channel partners.

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The establishment of FansTime is by no means accidental. Most core menbers of its founding team, with years of experience in the fan economy, have deep understandings of its troubles in the current market environment. The troubles are hurting both the stars and fans as well as the fan economy. As practitioners, the FansTime founding team has been commited to the overall upgrading of the industry by taking multiple iniciatives. Meanwhile, thanks to the ever-developing Blockchain technology and ever-growing number of application scenarios, the FansTime team has found it the right solutions for some of the core industrial headaches and would like to devote more time and efforts to relevant development and maintenence. FansTime proposes to build up a Global Decentralized Infrastructure for the entertainment industry. A cryptography-based identification mechanism to reshape the credit system. Smart contract to redefine the value distribution. Individual IPs of Stars as token.

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FansTime is a blockchain project of global fan economy that links assets of the real world to the world of digital. FTI is an official encrypted digital currency in the FansTime ecosystem based on the launch of FansTime Chain. FTI is the official token for any transaction conducted in the ecosystem and the backbone economic system of the ecosystem. In the future, the FansTime community will launch the community motivation system


FansTime is dedicated to building up the Blockchain-based infrastructure for the global entertainment industry and fan economy, including: Public figure information registration system, copyright registration system, information distributed storage and communication system and establishing the decentralized data storage, information search, payment and settlement as well as LBS service, community broadcast and other community infrastructure.

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