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Everex offers a blockchain-based remittance solution as well as offers microcredit to the unbanked

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EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international microfinancing.


Transferring money and gaining access to credit across international borders is still complicated, time consuming and expensive. Existing money transfer systems suffer furthermore from long lines, exchange rate losses, counter-party risks, bureaucracy and extensive paperwork. An estimated two billion adults are unbanked and with no, or limited access to financial services. Providing workable financial services to this population is often tagged as a key step towards eliminating world poverty and bootstrapping local economies. Everex focuses on easing the financial inclusion problem by applying blockchain technology for cross-border remittance, online payment, currency exchange and micro lending, without the volatility issues of existing, non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies. This whitepaper fills the gap in the state of the art by presenting a blockchain-based capital transfer system that aims to lower fi- nancial inclusion barriers and provide financial services to the unbanked. We present the advantages of the system, outline the requirements and goals, as well as the architecture of the Everex financial eco-system. In addition, we present the results of an Everex remittance system casestudy that involves over 100 migrant workers from Myanmar.

Link to Roadmap: https://blog.everex.io/roadmap-of-everex-2018-74c7a5a283f8
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