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Market Cap $ 15.262 MM (#386)
24h Volume $ 38.700 K
Chg. 24h: -2.62%
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Elitium is an app-based marketplace that puts a world of luxury goods and services in the palm of the user's hand. The EUM coin is firstly developed on the ERC20 standard and will later be based on the EOS.IO platform. This will be done once the Elitium Lifestyle App is launched: the ERC20 coins will be burned and swapped on a 1:1 ratio to obtain the EUM coin based on the EOS.IO platform.

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Elitium is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem, designed to unleash the ultimate luxury lifestyle.


The pace of innovation has been exceptional in the past few years with the surge of new disruptive technologies. Amongst all these new technologies, the most promising one available today is blockchain technology. Elitium stands at the centre of this technological revolution and introduces a global platform where consumers in the luxury industry can purchase goods and services using a cryptocurrency solution. Thus, Elitium aims to remove any barrier for mass adoption of blockchain-based solutions in the luxury industry. Nowadays, consumers in the luxury industry are faced with a highly dispersed landscape of different channels and sources for purchasing goods and services. Typically, these consumers are required to access multiple websites and/or applications, and manage multiple user accounts to complete purchases. Consumers are often faced with a rather cumbersome and time consuming process in their search for their favourite products and services. Therefore, one of the key missions of Elitium is delivering a new customer experience in the luxury industry by offering consumers an all-inclusive luxury platform with access to a wide range of goods and services. The purpose of our innovative solution is to connect supply and demand in a frictionless way on a secure, fast and easy to use platform. We believe our innovative platform will not only provide benefits to consumers but it will also have the potential to highly improve the efficiency of businesses on our platform. Currently, there are many segments in the luxury industry that face inefficient processes which often lead to time and cost intensive activities. There are several examples of businesses that are still dealing with a high degree of manual processing for example execution of contracts, customer requests, rentals or refunding. A good example is the renting process for luxury yachts, which includes exchanging several confidential documents, processing international payments and a lot of communication and correspondence between several parties. These inefficiencies have led Elitium to collaborate with EOS.IO (“EOS”).Powered by the unique technology of EOS, we believe Elitium’s luxury platform for goods and services will be very efficient, innovative and user friendly.

Link to Roadmap: https://www.elitium.io/#roadmap
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