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Market Cap $ 12.412 MM (#413)
24h Volume $ 13.602 K
Chg. 24h: 3.12%
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Electra project purpose and description

Electra clarity of purpose

Electra purpose and aspects

ElectraCoin (ECA) can be traded from one entity to another with invaluable features: Fast Transactions, Security and Efficiency. By using the Electra NIST5 blockchain funds are protected from malicious attacks without compromising on transaction speed.

Electra additional differentiation against competition

ECA is a PoS & PoW currency with 50% staking reward.

Electra categories

Digital currency

Short description

Electracoin (ECA) is a decentralized POW /POS cryptocurrency which facilitates secure, fast, and extraordinarily low-fee peer to peer transactions.


Electra is an open-source community cryptocurrency project featuring decentralized and distributed governance. Electra’s foundation is a blockchain based on the NIST5 algorithm, guaranteeing fast and secure transactions with nearly non-existent transaction costs. Electra’s goal is to become the electric current of the cryptocurrency community. Our vision is to advance the evolution of our economic system as originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Link to Roadmap: https://electraproject.org/roadmap
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