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Edgeless project purpose and description

Edgeless clarity of purpose

Edgeless purpose and aspects

decentralised gaming platform, decentralized casino, provably fair, lower cost than traditional casinos, 0% house edge, no sign-ups or deposits costs, transparent smart contract, Games: Black Jack; Dice; Poker; Sports betting

Short description

Edgeless casino is fully transparent since it is based on Ethereum Smart contracts. All Ethereum smart contracts are non-changeable and publicly available for everyone to see and examine.


Edgeless is one of a few blockchain projects which are 100% certain about their market/user base potential. It means that once we finish a development, for sure there will be people using our product and creating a REAL value around the business. Edgeless is not inventing a wheel, or promising to write a magical piece of code which solves humanity problems, instead we are taking what is already working and making it better. Crypto gambling is already proven and a profitable concept by many other bitcoin casinos — we make it better and we know (by looking at facts and data from other casinos) that there is a ’market’ for that.

Link to Roadmap: https://github.com/EdgelessCasino/White_paper/blob/master/White_Paper.pdf
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