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Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment through Ecoreal Ethereum Token.


Ecotourism is beginning to attract private investors and other funders who are interested in financing sustainable development, land rehabilitation, wildlife reintroduction, and/or conservation research. That being said, the ecotourismmarket is not as accessible to investors who can afford it as it should in the age of decentralization and digitalization.As capital markets are becoming global markets,real estate markets are no exception despite the difficulties posed by venturing overseas no investor can overlook the potential internationalinvestment holds out. This creates the need for a new decentralized solution tocapitalizeon this potential.Pedralva’sobjective is to introduce cryptocurrencies into this overly regulated and slow market to facilitate investmentsand transactions on a global scale.We plan on achieving this through the utilization ofthecoreprinciples of the blockchain:fairness,accessibility,transparencyandtrustwhile applying them to an already existing, fully operational andlicensed Rural Touristic Resort in Portugal with a USD Million annual income and a substantial annual profit..This will allow us to operate inour clients’best interest, essentially guaranteeing them an entry into domestic markets that are traditionallyrestricted to foreign crypto investments while enabling them to contribute to the sustainable development of Portugal’s local communities.

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