Dragonchain project purpose and description

Dragonchain clarity of purpose

Dragonchain purpose and aspects

Dragonchain aims at creating turnkey solutions for business while protecting their data. Also, it aims at creating an incubator for blockchain projects as well as a marketplace to employ individuals working in different fields across the blockchain industry.

Short description

Dragonchain simplifies the integration of real business applications on a blockchain and provides features such as easy integration, protection of business data and operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support.


Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for application developers to rapidly and securely deploy Blockchain applications while maintaining existing language development environments (e.g. Java, Python, Node, C#, Go); a tremendous costing and speed to market advantage. The Dragonchain architecture is also designed to allow nodes to handle approval of transactions based upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers; a level of security and flexibility unseen in the market by current blockchain solution providers. These design attributes position Dragonchain for exponential growth.

Link to Roadmap: https://dragonchain.com/#vision
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