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DOVU project purpose and description

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DOVU is creating an entirely new circular economy for the transport and mobility sector. Mobility data already informs everything from traffic management, weather and pollution tracking, through to planning and modeling our future transport needs. Smart vehicles are predicted to generate up to 25GB of data in a single hour, and our mobile devices can already record how we move around, generating information about our surroundings and behaviour.


The transport sector knows where it wants to go with real time data and smart technology but doesn’t know how to get there. DOVU is the missing piece of the puzzle - a circular economy for the transport and mobility sector by creating an unprecedented value exchange between regular consumers and those that benefit from their data. The DOVU Protocol empowers ‘data owners’ (individuals, organisations, IoT devices – any source of data) to control access to the data shared, whilst receiving value of the use of that data in return – in the form of DOV Tokens. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem through mobility related transactions, be that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car, paying for a flight, or just riding the bus. Our Protocol facilitates and encourages development of an infinite number of mobility related dApps, detailing data interchange and attribution of value. Based on Ethereum, the DOV token is used for transactions within these dApps. The potential for dApp’s built on the platform is boundless, using DOVU’s economy to create previously impossible mobility services. The core team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, product marketers, product designers and legal experts - all with significant experience shipping and supporting products used by millions of people. Our high profile advisory board is committed to help DOVU execute its mission, and includes a former member of the board of directors of Ethereum, an entrepreneur who has built a one billion dollar business around community development, and a partner at a top global advisory firm. Together with strategic investors, including a government-backed fund and a major car company, DOVU will disrupt a traditional industry.

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