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A network of decentralized markets and communities, create, operate and govern decentralized markets. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. At the core of every district is the d0xINFRA framework, a stack of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries distributed on IPFS which power a district's basic functionalities.

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district0x is a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities. It exists as a framework of smart contracts deployed to the Ethereum network.


Districts exist as decentralized entities, built upon a standard open source framework comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries, hereafter referred to as d0xINFRA. d0xINFRA provides districts with core functionalities that are necessary to operate an online marketplace or community. Namely, the ability for users to post listings, filter and search through listings, rank peers and amass reputation, and send invoices and collect payments. The d0xINFRA framework is designed to be open and extendable, allowing districts to be customized and granted additional functionality through the use of auxiliary modules. We also introduce the district0x Network Token in order to facilitate open participation and coordination across the network while providing protections from malicious actors. The district0x Network Token is a multi-utility token which is required for application to the district0x Network, utilized in an incentivized voting game to dictate access to a suite of ancillary services exclusive to network members, used to signal support or disapproval for proposals made by network participants, and which can be staked to deposit pools to mint tokens providing district-specific rights on third-party platforms.

Link to Roadmap: https://district0x.io/#roadmap
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