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DATA project purpose and description

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DATA purpose and aspects

Data is a blockchain based advertising protocol initiated by the Blockchain Data Foundation, a company limited by guarantee to be incorporated in Singapore and governed in a not-for-profit manner. The Data team aims to mitigate the ad fraud seen on the actual advertising systems. In order to prevent the fraud propagated into the network traffic and deliver the heightened security with the consensus from the community, the platform will leverage the blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to register the user's attention patterns over a decentralized P2P protocol. Data token (DTA) is an ERC-20 token that will be used as the medium of exchange within the platform.

Short description

DATA is a blockchain based advertising protocol and technology stack to resolve data fraud, the most overwhelming challenge in digital advertising economy. DATA system is composed of four layers: P2P mobile metadata management layer (M3), which is a off-chain storage that was inspired by IPFS but designed specially for mobile devices based on Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Erasure Code; Blockchain layer, which is a standalone public chain built from a fork of Ethereum on Tendermint, the Ethermint project; SDK management layer, in which AI technologies are used to generate AI models for device level reputation modeling and transfer the reputation and activity logs into M3 for peer verification; Application process layer, which consists of protocols and smart contracts to perform fraud detection. In DATA, App developers are rewarded for integrating into the system; users are rewarded for their attention contribution under proof of attention (PoA) mining rules. DATA is partnered with Yomob International Inc., a unified mobile ad global monetization platform with 120M monthly user reach and 2000+ mobile developers.


DATA is a blockchain based advertising technology protocols aimed to resolve the massive hidden threat to the digital marketing and advertising industry, namely, the ad fraud, which costs the industry over $16Billions a year and still growing. The current anti-fraud technologies attempt to detect the fraudulent data, be it fake users or fake devices, but only as a post-fact catching up, after such data is already being propagated into the entire sell- and demand- transaction ecosystem. The policing agency IAB provides the black- and white-list as centralized institute but where the lists are quickly out-of-date in real time, and easily manipulated by bad actors. Powered by AI with deep learning and applying the most advanced blockchain algorithm that is secured by design, decentralized by community consensus, and incentivized with reward of digital token to every player’s contribution to “do good”, DATA Project’s core competency and differentiation lays in its unique technology to identify fraud at the device level and proactively invalidate it and therefore prevent it from leaking into the entire industry network. It goes beyond the cost saving that can be realized when the fraud is pre-empted and no ill attempt to manipulate data is even possible.

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