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Market Cap $ 7.796 MM (#562)
24h Volume $ 10.425 K
Chg. 24h: 0.37%
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CWV Chain purpose and aspects

CWV combines Raft + DPoS algorithms to adopt a better technical framework, allowing users to vote for decisions according to the amount of CWV they own. Our platform structure ensures that CWV is the most secure and safest way to transact. This is achieved by using HASHPOWER, with millisecond processing times and the capacity to handle millions of transactions.The decisive power of CWV and its incorporated technologies gives users the ultimate platform to construct their own projects, letting you decide how you want to interact.One such example of this is Cryptoworld, CWVʼs 1:1 mapping of the real world virtual reality game gives players the opportunity to maximise their worth through player to player interactions, property ownership, and an exchange of goods and services.

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CWV -A new paradigm. A new platform. CWV redefines the blockchain. The quickest, most secure system for decentralized applications.


Blockchain technology has been developed to date, and more than 1,000 projects have been launched, covering payments, finance, games, and quiz games. Go to all aspects of life such as the Internet of Things. In the foreseeable future, more and more technicians and scientists will develop more Good blockchain products provide better services to the public and promote the application of a large number of products based on blockchain technology. However, due to the fact that the blockchain has a low penetration rate in real life, there is no through-scenario, and it is impossible to achieve cross-link between different chains. Mutual and users can't find problems with entry-level products. At present, it is difficult for the public to actually touch these based on daily life. Encrypted World Public Link (CWV) is the world's first self-research on more than 20 blockchains with hybrid consensus and multi-chain technology. The public chain of the patented blockchain technology is currently the leading international fusion chain. The chain is based on PBFT+DPoS+Raft Consensus algorithm, combined with high-performance alliance chain and personal public chain fusion backbone, can support a total of different blockchains Knowledge, by using sidechains compatible with other blockchain networks, can extend and query data in other chains. Carrying 100,000 Safe and efficient consensus mechanisms and points can be maintained in the case of smart transactions with higher level transaction requirements and higher performance requirements Cloth book.

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