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Credo project purpose and description

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A Cryptocurrency Spam Solution, charge people you don't know a cryptocurrency fee to deliver an email to your inbox

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Credo is an email management platform that aims to mitigate the email spam. In order to achieve this Credo Team will implement a software to filter emails from unknown contacts and provide a payment mechanism for email receipt or response, named as BitBounce. A fee will be charged to the senders contacting unknown recipients to either the email go through or be responded to.


Email is broken. Spam costs the global economy $20 billion per year and still accounts for 70% of all email. Existing regulatory and technological solutions have failed to eliminate the significant monetary cost and negative externalities of unsolicited email and spam. Email access outside of known contacts is difficult. Email access via cold emails is not good for either senders or recipients; such messages are not responded to reliably and consume recipients’ valuable time. Email access via introduction operates inefficiently through unreliable exchanges of social capital and requires senders to have a maintained social path in their network to the recipient. These problems with email present significant negative externalities and an inefficient mechanism of exchange for email access. The solution is to establish a new market for email access in which email senders contacting unknown recipients pay a fee for the email to either go through or be responded to. The fee prices in and compensates recipients for the attention or action they provide the email, and improves senders’ likelihood of attaining the attention or response of recipients. The solution is implemented in two components: BitBounce and credo. BitBounce implements filtering of emails from unknown contacts and the payment mechanism for email receipt or response. The credo token is the primary unit of exchange that recipients are compensated with, though Bitcoin and Tezzies will also be supported for convenience. Credo serves the additional purpose of incentivizing adoption and continued use of the BitBounce solution via distributions based on proof of usage.

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