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Market Cap $ 344.009 MM (#55)
24h Volume $ 2.204 MM
Chg. 24h: 1.88%
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A decentralized affiliate & content marketing protocol allowing any 3rd party marketplace, retailer, publisher & content creator to leverage smart product listings and content marketing campaigns on the network.

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Creditcoin(CCOIN) tokens are used to facilitate trade & exchange on the network by supporting campaign promotions, incentivized interactions & sales across the web frictionlessly.


Blockchain technology has enabled us to create objective history—decentralized ledgers represent facts that are backed by verifiable computation, not a bet on the trust in central authorities. Bitcoin proved the value of its financial utility as a decentralized transaction ledger by leading to the creation of a total cryptocurrency market capitalization in excess of $800 billion in early 2018. A large market cap is insufficient to building a self-sustainable financial ecosystem, however. This requires three pillars: savings, payments, and investment. Investment works as a “wormhole” of sorts, connecting “parallel universes” that we call market. According to the IMF, global nominal GDP was $78.5 trillion in 2014. However, Aon pegged the total size of the global capital investment market at $101.1 trillion in June 2013. If this relationship stays the same for the cryptocurrency, then the $445 3 billion market cap at the end of 2017 means a potential cryptocurrency investment market of $573 billion. Creditcoin is a decentralized credit network that turns digital wallets into an investment market. The miners of the market earn Creditcoin by mining blocks: The miner of a block collects block reward. The network achieves robustness by decentralizing credit history, while automatically punishing fundraiser default. Investors can select credit history parameters to protect against various risk models. Creditcoin and its network are designed as a simple blockchain that serves a single purpose extremely well: enabling blockchain-based lending transactions. Since we know blockchain is not a silver bullet, we leave to others related services, such as identification and credit scoring. We also recognize that lending transactions facilitate various business activities. Instead of implementing them within Creditcoin, the blockchain achieves versatility through the creativity of its users and the ability to connect with other blockchain networks.

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